Honey Guy Waterblocker Skin Cream, 4oz jar


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Honey Guy Waterblocker Skin Cream, 4 oz jar

Waterblocker is a hand-made, waterproof, natural beeswax skin cream for the whole body. It stops dry, cracked hands by protecting the natural oil in the skin from being removed by constant washing or by other antagonists such as paper, cardboard and fabrics. Great for rough, cracked heels, runners use to prevent blistering and hot spots. Use on face as a moisturizer and to preserve the natural oil in your face. Long lasting – one application lasts most users all day!! It is safe for children – use on diaper rash and to prevent rash from occurring. Use as a safe, natural deodorant for underarm and feet. Bacteria that cause odor can’t grow in beeswax!! It also stops itch, burn and sting. Use on insect bites, poison ivy, rashes, burns, etc. to stop the itch, burn and sting. Use on skin conditions that exhibit itch, burn or sting or are dry and scaly or red. Use on pet’s hot spots to stop itching and scratching and promote rapid healing!! No scent, non-greasy, long lasting.

Ingredients include beeswax, distilled water, food-grade mineral oil and the natural mineral, Borax as the binder which turns the mixture into a cream.

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