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Nozevit is an all natural plant polyphenol honey bee food supplement that is added to your sugar syrup feed.

According to published scientific studies Nozevit has 4 distinct properties.

1. Nozevit Restores the natural pH of the mid gut of the honey bee. When the bee gets sick, the pH of the mid gut turns alkaline or less acidic. Nozevit has natural acidic properties derived from the tannin acids in the extracted plant polyphenols. A higher pH in the mid gut results in a hardening and straightening of the gut resulting in less food processing.

2. Nozevit Restores the elasticity of the mid gut of the honey bee. When the pH rises in the bees gut and the bees are infected internally the mid gut hardens off and looses it’s “Slinky” characteristics. A more “Slinky” or elastic mid gut is better able to process ingested elements.

3. Nozevit Produces a “glue like” substance we like to call “gut phlegm” that lines the mid gut of the honey bee and traps and holds for elimination foreign elements inhabiting the mid gut. Cleansing takes place very quickly and the “gut phlegm” traps and holds inhabiting bacteria, microbes, and microsporidians.

4. Nozevit contains natural “probotics” or amino peptides which help in the digestion process of the honey bee. When the mid gut of the honey bee is purged, as in humans, natural beneficial bacteria is need to start the digestion process of newly ingested food.

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Nozevit is produced from all natural certified organic substances according to a decades old traditional European recipe. Healthy bee colonies build brood faster in the spring, and will winter extremely well when their intestinal integrity is intact. Exceptional colonies can be built using all natural Nozevit as a food supplement for intestinal cleansing, thereby reducing the need of chemical treatments for internal ailments.

Nozevit is completely natural herbal product, produced according to the traditional recipe from plant polyphenols and purified water.

Regardless of the way of usage, use Nozevit as a feed supplement 2 times in spring (10 days apart) and 2 times at the beginning of autumn (10 days apart).

Available sizes: 5 straws, 20ml, 50 ml, 250 ml, 1000 ml.

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5 straws, 20 ml Quickshot, 50 ml, 250 ml, 1L