Protein Patty w/ 4% Pollen


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Protein Patty w/ 4% Natural Pollen, Approx 1 lb. per patty.

Why use protein patties?

  • Bees need both protein and carbohydrate for good build-up and to produce large honey crops.
  • Feed protein patties in spring to ensure colony health, maximum build-up and maximum production for the entire year, and reduce losses and dwindling the following winter.
  • Patties ensure a balanced diet when bees are unable to forage due to weather, short of stored pollen, in monoculture areas where only a few pollen sources are to found, too weak to forage, subject to competition from stronger hives in the yard, stressed by weather, pesticides, mites and diseases.
  • Save labour checking queens: Patty consumption gives a quick indication of queen and colony condition.
  • Patties are easy to move around on top bars and share between hives.

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Weight 1 lbs
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Individual, 7-Pack, 36 lb Box